Power Smart Gas Powered Snow Thrower with Electric Start DB7659

Power Smart Gas Powered DB7659 22-Inch
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Power Smart Gas Powered Snow Thrower with Electric Start DB7659, 22-Inch

by Power Smart

  • 208 cc, lct storm force ohv engine delivers powerful performance
  • 22-Inch wide coverage and 16-Inch intake height for moderate to heavy snowfall
  • Compact two-stage design without sacrificing performance
  • 4 forward and 2 reverse speed
  • Non-carb compliant; not for sale in california
  • 208 cc LCT Storm Force OHV engine delivers powerful performance
  • Four forward speeds, and two reverse
  • Non-CARB Compliant/Not For Sale In California
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  1. Brand: Power Smart
  2. Dimensions: 36 x 26 x 29 inches
  3. Shipping Weight: 156 pounds
  4. Item ID: upc:817582010101
  5. Item ID: ean:0817582010101
The power smart 7659 22-Inch 208cc compact designed snow thrower is much lighter than regular 2-stage snow thrower, yet not compromising any power and functions which regular two stage snow thrower usually have. it features 208cc powerful lct professional snow engine, push button electric start, 22-Inch clearing width and speed lever control conveniently located for easy operations. the power smart 7659 is well-suited for residential use in areas with moderate snowfall.

Much lighter than regular two-stage snow thrower, the compact Power Smart DB7659 208cc snow thrower doesnt compromise on power and functions that larger throwers usually have. Well-suited for residential use in areas with moderate snowfall, it features a powerful 208cc LCT professional snow engine, push button electric start, 22-inch clearing width, and speed lever control conveniently located for easy operations.

DB7659 main
Powerful performance from 208cc LCT engine ().

See a larger image with all the snow throwers features.

Note for California residents: This model is not CARB-compliant. Units sold to California must be CARB-compliant.

Compact Two Stage Design

Compactly designed, the DB7659 occupies less space than regular two-stage thrower, yet remains powerful and efficient in snow removal. With a 22-inch clearing with and an intake of up to 16 inches and two-stage throwing capability, its able to clear snow more efficiently than single stage model. The adjustable skid shoes allows alterations to the height of the scraper so that the snow thrower can be used on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, dirt, and ice.

Engine with Electric Start

This DB7659 is powered with LCT 208cc professional snow engine, which is designed for use in cold climates. Its push button electric start ensures engine starting without difficulty so you do not need to fight with the recoil starter, which is often frustrating when it is not able to start in the cold weather.

Drive Speed and Direction Control

The drive speed and direction control lever is conveniently located at the upper side of the right handle so speed and direction change is right within your reach. The four forward speeds and two backward speeds can be adjusted simply by shifting the lever.

Whats in the Box

Power Smart Power Smart DB7659 22-inch 208CC LCT compact gas powered two stage snow thrower, oil funnel, skid shoes, spark plug wrench, cable clips, shear pins, clean-out tool, drift cutters (optional), operating instructions

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DB7659 22-Inch Two-Stage Snow Thrower
At a Glance
  • 208cc LCT storm force overhead valve engine delivers powerful performance
  • 22-inch wide coverage and 16-inch intake height for moderate to heavy snowfall
  • Compact two-stage design without sacrificing performance
  • Electric starting; four forward and two reverse speeds

DB7659 throw
22-inch clearing width ().
Power Smart Snow Thrower Comparison
Model DB5023 DB7659 DB7659A DB7651
Cutting width 18-inch 22-inch 22-inch 24-inch
Drive Push Wheel Auger Wheel
Electric Start Standard Yes Yes Yes
Speed control n/a 4 forward,
2 reverse
4 forward,
2 reverse
4 forward,
2 reverse
Intake height 9-inch 16-inch 16-inch 21-inch
Single-hand operation No No No No
Discharge direction 180-degree 180-degree crank 180-degree 180-degree crank
Wheels n/a 12.5- by 4-inch snow tires 13- by 4-inch snow tires 13- by 4-inch snow tires
Dimensions 21 by 21 by 21 inches 38 by 26 by 30 inches 38 by 26 by 30 inches 38 by 26 by 30 inches
Warranty 1 year, limited 1 year, limited 1 year, limited 1 year, limited
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 (116 customer reviews)

A great machine, perfect size, and eats up the heavy stuff., October 28, 2012
C. Berger (Twin Cities, MN United States)
A quick update to the review: For the first heavy, wet snow, this two-stage blower does great. Its relatively small size makes it much easier to turn, pull back and generally maneuver than the bigger ones I've had in the past. Small size means storage is much better (less space). The engine is plenty powerful: it did not stall, a first for blowers I've used in heavy snow. The tires are relatively tall for the size of the blower and have an aggressive tread - this meant the blower slipped much less than old ones I've had before.

As to snow clearing time relative to other blowers: no complaints. The top gears are plenty fast for an inch or two of snow, the lowest gear perfect for clearing compacted snow left by the street plow. You won't be cursing the street plow nearly as much.

If you're in average shape and/or getting up a bit in years, I highly recommend this blower: its smaller size and weight mean less strain, less wear-and-tear on the operator.

No after the sale support., December 1, 2012
G.W. in Maryland
The snow blower was delivered in a heavily damaged heavy gauge cardboard box, even the pallet that the box was attached to was cardboard thus making the shipment even more suceptible to damage. I have not thrown any snow with it yet. I did fill the crankcase and fuel tank and the machine started immeadiatley and ran fine.

NOTE: The blower did come with a compact set of tools. I could not figure out what their purpose is. Two emails sent to Amerisun over 30 days ago, inquiring about these items, remain unanswered. Also, you must download the manual for this machine yourself as a hardcopy of the Operators Instructions does not accompany the unit.

FYI - Currently Home Depot has an equivelant machine made by Airens and for roughly the same price ($499). The build quality is better and there are some nicer featues with the Airens, too. If I had it to do over again I would have bought the Airens.

great snowblower, February 24, 2012
madrigan "muttman" (Campton Hills, Illinois, United States)
Was a little apprehensive about buying a snowblower online but the price was fantastic. Delivery was excellent and it was easy to assemble. Just needed snow. Not having snow in the upper midwest is a given but not this year. Anyway, it finally snowed and the machine delivered. Functional and easy to start either with the electric starter, which is great, or by the pull handle. Worked fantastic and without flaw. Very satisfied with this snow blower. As good as all the others with an unbeatable price.

Junk, March 2, 2014
Dave (Cleveland Ohio)
Bought this snowblower last year. It went through 4 auger belts and now the auger gear box is toast. It never threw the snow very far and clogged up easily. DO NOT BUY THIS.

not so good blower for heavy snow, January 12, 2015
milton moore (east cleveland, OH)
I purchased this blower thinkin i was getting a deal on a great blower well i didnt. I purchased this blower nov 13,2014 used it today jan 12 2015 and it shot craps on me. I would not recommend this blower doesnt throw snow very far and struggles with the heavy stuff go with a craftsman or something .. super pissed i wasted 453,00 dollars

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